The 5 Highest-Grossing Slasher Films Of All Time, Ranked

Starting within the ’70s with movies like Black Christmas and day, the slasher horror flick dominated the genre. The good factor regarding these movies and ones that followed within the weekday the thirteenth series was that they were created on a budget, which created it simple to make back their budgets at the box office. This fact is important since slasher horror movies were never huge moneymakers, despite multitudes of sequels.

However, that does not mean they were not profitable. In recent years, there have been several slasher horror movies that finally started breaking through and making a lot of money. Sadly, several of those were remakes of superior slasher movies from the ’70s and ’80s. There are a couple of exceptions, but here is a look at the 10 highest-grossing slasher films of all-time.


It looks nearly funny, but the biggest box office hit from the original Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street movies came when the two horror slasher icons teamed up to battle one another to the death. In what might are a flop designed only for fanboys, the film was a loving homage to both franchises.

The flick created quite double the most effective weekday the thirteenth flick and was conjointly the highest of Freddy’s outings moreover, with Freddy haunting Jason’s nightmares and having him kill for him before Jason complete what was occurring and fought back. It made $82 million in the U.S. and $114 million worldwide.


In the law of decreasing returns, Scream three had the worst box workplace totals of any flick therein franchise till a fourth flick came on in 2011 that utterly flopped at the box office. The flick saw Sir Philip Sidney (Neve Campbell) go in seclusion following the events of the primary 2 movies.

This flick took the self-references one step additional by having a flick created regarding the killings from the primary 2 movies. However, once the solid of the fictional flick Stab starts dying at the hands of a replacement Ghostface killer, Sydney heads to Hollywood and finally learns the truth about what really happened concerning her mother’s murder.


The second Scream flick was one in every of solely 3 slasher films to interrupt the $100 million mark domestically. It conjointly finished with a high $172 million worldwide, nearly eclipsing the primary flick within the franchise.

This series starts up 2 years once the primary flick and finds state capital as a school student WHO becomes the target of a somebody murderer exploitation the Ghostface identity. The survivors of the primary flick come back to assist their friend solely to find out that the killer is quite a somebody and is out for revenge following the deaths from the first film.


For twenty-three years, Scream was the highest-grossing slasher film of all-time, finally falling in 2019 to a Halloween sequel. In 1996, horror films had no real identity. However, once Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson created Scream, it ushered in a new teen-centric self-referential slasher film craze that took Hollywood by storm.

The flick centered on a gaggle of children WHO had watched horror movies their entire life. When a replacement murderer known as Ghostface starts to kill folks and torment state capital Prescott, he uses horror film information in his game, and the kids have to figure out the horror conventions to stay alive. It created $103 million domestically and $173 million worldwide.

1 HALLOWEEN (2019) – $159 MILLION

While Rob Zombie’s day revival in 2007 was a hit, his sequel was a large flop. That created it somewhat shocking that ten years later, the franchise was reignited with a film that was a direct sequel to the very first Halloween movie and brought back Jamie Lee Curtis in the lead role.

Curtis’ Laurie Strode is currently a grandparent WHO lives a secluded life, prepared for a possible return of Michael Myers. She gets what she feared and battles the killer with her daughter and granddaughter by her side. It was a huge success, touch $159 million within the U.S. and an eye-popping $255 million worldwide.

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