Exploring the Indian mountain chain on a cycle may be one in every of the wildest dreams of Associate in Nursing vasoconstrictive junkie. If you are an adventure buff who has the fervor of conquering the spellbinding world of Indian Himalayas by paddling on a bicycle, the routes in these majestic mountains are the perfect place for you.

Describing the significance of the cycle for an adventure enthusiast, David Byrne has rightly said, “There’s a certain amount of freedom involved: you’re self-propelled and decide exactly where to go. 

Placed amid dynamic and fantastically flourishing scenery, the Himalayan ranges tender some spectacular cycling trails for the adventure aficionados. To put it briefly, cycling is an ideal vacation idea for those who are born to be wild.

Let’s explore a number of the most effective trails within the Indian mountain chain that square measure Associate in Nursing empyrean for a athletics enthusiast:

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Himalayan trekking by cycling-Leh Srinagar highway

Leh Srinagar Highway

Leh-Srinagar highway was consequently the sole route to Ladakh. The initial part of this trail is fascinating as it crosses the enchanting Zanskar and imposing Gompas of Lamayuru, Basgo, Alchi, and Likir. This route covers virtually 271 miles of extraordinary vistas.

The roads on the route are in very good condition as they serve as a military road as well. After Kargil, the road traverses through the Line of Control between India and Pakistan. The road signs on this route indicate ‘Caution. You are under enemy observation’. The cyclist has to pass through heavy militarized areas of Kashmir.

  • Starting Point: Leh
  • End Point: Srinagar
  • Maximum Altitude: 4105 meters
  • Route Itinerary: Leh – Nimmu – Saspol – Lamayuru – Fotu La – Namika La – Mulbekh – Kargil – Drass – Zozi La – Sonmarg – Srinagar

Dha Hanu Detour

Dha Hanu Detour

If a cyclist going from Leh to Srinagar can increase a day in his itinerary, he can choose to go from Leh to Srinagar via Dha Hanu. Throughout the village of Dha Hanu, an adventurer can relish the eye-catching vistas of apricot and walnut trees around the huge granite rocks spread all over. This village is famous for its flora that incorporates apricot and walnut trees. Visiting this place in the month of July allows one the opportunity to witness the joyous harvesting festival.  The path passes through the scenic spots like Skurbuchan, Samoni, Sanjak, etc.

  • Starting Point: Leh
  • End Point: Srinagar
  • Maximum Altitude: Around 4000 meters
  • Route Itinerary: Leh – Khalsi – Skurbuchan – Sanjak – Dha Hanu – Samoni – Chiktan – Khangral – Namika Pass – Mulbekh – Srinagar
  • Route Distance: Around 417 kilometers

Himalayan trekking by cycling-Manali Leh Highway

Manali Leh Highway

Manali to Leh main road is one in every of the foremost spectacular trails for sport in Bharat.  It would take a trekker some time to get acclimatized;  one must keep it under consideration. Around one/fourth of the full road within the path is mud-packed.  a cyclist should have proper expertise in dealing with such tracks.  the mountain peaks are covered in snow and shine brightly in sun.

There is no permanent habitation on the route. The high altitude desert of Nubra Valley to the remote and striking kingdom of Ladakh, this trail has everything that makes it worth scouting on a bicycle. Himalayan trekking by cycling.

  • Starting Point: Manali
  • End Point: Leh
  • Maximum Altitude: 5350 meters
  • Route Itinerary: Manali – Rohtang Jot – Kokhsar – Tandi – Keylong – Jispa – Darcha – Baralacha La – Bharatpur – Sarchu – Gata Loops – Nakee La – Lachulung La – Pang – More Plains – Tanglang La – Upshi – Karu – Leh

Leh and the Lakes

Leh and the Lakes

It is a great route for cyclists who want to explore some of the most beautiful secrets of nature. On the path, one can relish the fabulous sites of gleaming lakes like Tsomoriri and Tsokar Lake. Carrying out the adventure of cycling in Leh amid the bounty of nature is a matchless delight for the adventurers. Himalayan trekking by cycling. The path conjointly passes through exquisite regions like Chumathang and Puga.

  The backdrop and the tranquil environs will invigorate the rider to keep on cycling. At Tso Kar, one can take an RH fork, which is a new military road. This road is flat.

  • Starting Point: Leh
  • End Point: Tsokar Lake
  • Maximum Altitude: around 4800 meters
  • Route Itinerary: Leh – Thiksey – Chumathang – Mahe Bridge – Tso Moriri – Korzok – Mahe Bridge – Tso Kar Lake

Nubra & Pangong Tso

Nubra & Pangong-Tso

It is a great delight witnessing snow-covered mountains, deserts and hued gardens on the same trail. Nubra Valley offers one of the most beautiful cycling trails in the world.

The valley is an abode of exotic flora. Khardung La is one of the highest motorable roads. The trail passes through extremely exquisite sites like Khardung La, Taltok, Wari La, Leh, and Pangong La. Himalayan trekking by cycling.

  • Starting Point: Leh
  • End Point: Khardung La (From here there is 40 km freewheel to Leh)
  • Maximum Altitude: 5359 meters
  • Route Itinerary: Leh – Chang La – Pangong Lake – Chang La – Spangmik – Wari La – Khalsar – Nubra Valley – Khardung La

Spiti Valley

Spiti Valley

 Road to Spiti Valley starts from the mesmerizing region of Manali. Furthermore, the glistering lake of Chandra Tal adds an additional dimension and to the thrill of this path.  Despite this Road could be a bit jolting superb sight of Kunzum La makes this problem value facing.

Astonishing landscape and marvelous Buddhist Gompas are cherries on the cake and but so  This route is a test of endurance and offers jubilation as the reward. The main settlement along the Spiti river and its tributaries are Hansi and dhankar Gompa.

  • Starting Point: Manali
  • End Point: Shimla
  • Maximum Altitude: 4567 meters
  • Route Itinerary: Manali – Chandratal – Kunzum Pass – Spiti Valley – Kibber – Tabo – Sang La – Sarhan – Shimla

Cycling in Sikkim

Cycling in Sikkim

The sports path starts from Siliguri to Gurudongmar. The steep gradients on this track provide a wonderful exhilaration to the cyclists. The path ends up in a jungle in West Bengal to the chilly heights of 4996 meters at the Gurudongmar Lake on the border of Thibet. 

 We could say the roads on this route increase from around 330 meters bordering West Bengal to 4996 meters on Tibetian Border at Gurudongmar Lake due to the climate oscillates between misty, humid, hot and cold. Himalayan trekking by cycling.

  • Starting Point: Siliguri
  • End Point: Gurudongmar Lake
  • Maximum Altitude: 4996 meters
  • Route Itinerary: Siliguri – Zuluk – Nathang Valley (Elephant Lake, Baba Mandirs and Memencho Lake) – Gangtok – Lachen – Gurudongmar Lake

Himalayan trekking by cycling-Zanskar Cycling

Zanskar lies on the south of Ladakh. Visiting this place takes the tourists to the traditional Zanskari culture and hued mountains. It is advisable to bring eatables, as there are no eating joints along the road from Kargil to Padum. An adventurer can witness various monasteries on the route. Camping in the fascinating valleys and riding to the glaciated Nun and Kun are some the biggest highlights of the trail.

From Kargil, firstly the adventurer can move on as with  Srinagar-Leh Highway.  There is an upstream road of 40 kilometers after Padum. Furthermore, This road is along the River Tsarap In the case of this route of incorporates five-day trekking with the bike. One has to take horses that lead over Shingo Pass to the starting point of Zanskar Sumdo road. In this point, there is a 20 kilometer downhill ride to reach Darcha. Himalayan trekking by cycling.


  • Starting Point: Kargil
  • End Point: Darcha
  • Maximum Altitude: Around 4000 to 4,500 meters
  • Route Itinerary: Kargil – Lankerchey – Sanku – Damsna – Panikar – Padum – Mune – Raru – Dorzong – Phuktal Gompa – Lakhang Sumdo – Shingo La Base Camp – Jispa – Keylong – Khaltse – Sherlog – Darch


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